Friday, June 4, 2010

Finally finished!

Cate's purse is done!
Finally, I can go back to focusing on myself. What a relief!
Notes on this purse:

  • I still can't measure. I had to adjust the lining approximately 80 times. I couldn't tell you why.
  • I like how the bird is lighting on the button. Yep, I planned that! But I still can't measure. 
  • The outer Echino fabric was purchased expressly for this project, but the lining was donated by Preet last year, yay recycling! (thanks, Preet!)
  • I don't know why I was procrastinating so much, it only took me two nights of work--one for cutting, one for stitching. Could someone remind me of that next time?

I am medium pleased with the final result. My only quarrel with the purse is how it droops on the bottom when it is hanging. Dagnabbit purse, that is why you are lined! Actually, I take that back, I'm pretty pleased with this purse in spite of the sagginess. Might be my best looking satchel to date, and I had the foresight to include (two) pockets this time!
We'll see what Cate thinks next week. She's not too good at feigning reactions, so I just need to be there when she opens it. :)

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