Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 KDVS Fundraiser

Ah, KDVS fundraiser! We have our annual fundraiser to...raise funds (ahem) for operating costs (spare parts for turntables, CD players, light bulbs, and so on). It is one week long and the source of 2/3 of the annual budget; our goal is $60,000 and we need every penny of it. Lot of stress riding on this one!

Per usual, I sewed some things that will be given away as premiums to people that pledge during my show from 8-9PM on Monday. All of these things will be available at 8PM on Monday and not a moment sooner! :) That also means the links below will show up as "not in stock" before my show starts, but will be in stock after 8PM. Ah heck, just look at the crafts!

The 1st KDVS Record Bag
I'm quite partial to this color combo, it makes me think of water nymphs and stuff. You might notice that it is the straps and bottom are the same fabric as my playsuit from a couple of years back. 

A damask I've had lolling around for a bit, I made Cate some fancy pillow cases from most of it and have been working through the rest ever since. The yellow? Oh, you know...another playsuit.

The third (and final) KDVS Record Bag
It may look familiar from a purse some time ago...and a skirt.

A cassette holder, you can get at least 22 tapes in there. (bam!)
The salmon brocade is a remnant from Lucille's stash that was passed on to me a couple of months back. I love using fabric scraps! The fabric lettering is from a very foolish point in my life where I thought it made sense to buy fat quarters. (still living that down)

Since the bloomers take five yards of fabric, I couldn't very well use scraps (bummer) because I don't have five yards of anything laying around. Available is a variety of sizes! Size XSSize SSize MSize L, and Size XL.
DJ Sister will add the stitching later...
Yeah, so please call in to the show! It will feed my DJ ego. :)
Monday, April 22nd
8-9PM (Pacific)