Thursday, October 29, 2009

more and more paperwork!

So I just finished the paperwork to change my name at SACOG.

man, paperwork sucks here! :)

In all honesty, I spent an hour and a half at DMV yesterday. Not cool, but at least it is done!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank you's--the last wedding craft?

I have all this time now that the wedding is over. I started making thank you's based on this Design Sponge article, encouraged by the fact that Pulp Papery still has a bunch of Artoz materials (envelopes, cards, cardstock, etc) on sale. Also, I used my paltry quantity of Delta frequent flier miles to subscribe to "W" so I could have some striking pictures to use for collages and projects like this.
Here are some of the ads that we used on Friday night.

I found a "frost" blue card stock that, when folded, fit near-perfectly into cheery yellow envelopes which were also on sale. I think this is going much more smoothly than the invitation scene did, but that might be because it is the only project I'm working on right now.
Here are some of the end results.

I bought extra materials when I was at Pulp Papery, entertaining the idea of making note cards for Christmas gifts. You might be one of the lucky ones! We'll see if that pans out.
Chris and I have to make at least 15 more cards, but then we have to move on into the world of actually writing the thank you's. I've got mixed feelings about the enormity of that task.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Honeymoon day 5--no photos, but a map of the route!

After staying in Reno, we headed back to Sacramento by way of 80 so we could return our beloved Impala to the rental agency. It was all such a great trip, I would recommend any part of it to anyone!

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It was pretty awesome skirting the Sacramento Valley like that.
As a note, we don't have a whole bunch of pictures from the Honeymoon because we were filming most of it on the Flip we received from Chris's Aunt Marilee. Once I figure out how to take still frames from those, I might post some more. Or I'll post little videos from it.

Honeymoon day 4--quick run-through with photos

We went to the Lava Beds National Monument near Tule Lake once we crossed back in to California. There was some blown out scenery there and only very hearty plants remained. What a difference from the luxuriant greenery we'd grown accustomed too!

It felt like most of our day was spent weaving in and out of the Modoc National Forest. And that's the truth!

An extremely common sight--Chris rummaging through the food bag.

We stopped in Adin once we were mostly out of the Modoc Forrest and got a milkshake (yeah!) and fries. As we descended into Susanville, I saw so many happy cows out grazing. Beautiful sleek black Angus cows, chomping incessantly on grass. We also saw starkly dried lake beds as we passed through the wide valley. Quite distinctly beautiful.

That night, we made it to Reno and I only lost $3 at the craps table.

Honeymoon day 3--quick run-through with photos

I was really cranky the morning of day 3, luckily Chris recognized this and persuaded me to stop the car at the Simpson Reed Discovery Trail in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods. There were all kinds of fairies hopping about that morning, so we tried (unsuccessfully) to catch them.

It was a nice morning to new-boot-goof in the trees. It was a little chilly in the grove, but too pretty to pass up or rush through.

We passed into Oregon midway through the morning and that was pretty exciting to me! This was Rough and Ready Creek off of 101. Another nice short hike, I was really a fan of the wack-tastic geography there. Yes, I did play in the water a little bit, but mostly I just hopped around on the rocks.

We drove through the Valley of the Rogue (BEAUTIFUL!) starting from Grant's Pass and came out on the other end in Jacksonville, where we took appreciative photos of the fall color. We knew we wouldn't find anything so spectacular in Sacramento, curses! Chris gets full credit for directing us through the Valley of the Rogue, which is (I think!) my favorite part of our whole trip.

That night we stayed in Klamath Falls. There are no falls in Klamath Falls, but I loved it anyways. Seriously, I really like Klamath Falls.

Honeymoon day 2--quick run-through with photos

In the morning, we ventured back to Mendocino for breakfast at a cafe (tea and coffee, scone and berry cream cheese danish) and to plan the next leg of our trip. We then walked along the bluffs to enjoy the ocean-y weather and avoid the car a little bit longer.

We took an ill-advised path to get back to the main part of town.

That day, we stopped for lunch at Richardson Grove, a very beautiful California state park with awesomely tall redwoods and lovely misty air.

That night we stayed in Crescent City. I think you're okay with me not posting pictures of that. :)

Honeymoon Day 1--quick run-through with photos

Timber gave everyone lots of "Good Morning!/Goodbye!" kisses.

At the Old Grist Mill where we attempted to have lunch. The rain thwarted us so we picnicked in the car.

Calistoga! California's old faithful.

We made it to Mendocino that night, and stayed at the Coast Inn in Fort Bragg. It was all centered around far east healing, pretty neat!

At dinner, I drew Chris on the butcher paper. I had a yummy seafood stew and he had some pasta thing with chicken.

Monday, October 12, 2009


We are now officially in the "post-wedding" era. I have time to look around me nervously and wonder what I should be doing.
Today, I introduced Chris and my husband (to my dad, I just wanted to see how it sounded), unsubscribed seven wedding blogs (!) from my google reader account, and signed in to my vscacciatore email account for the first time as a married woman.
Officially weirded out.
I also switched out the toaster, but that didn't seem quite as monumental as the other actions.
Wedding updates will come soon! I hear some people have awesome pictures out there.