Saturday, October 24, 2009

Honeymoon day 4--quick run-through with photos

We went to the Lava Beds National Monument near Tule Lake once we crossed back in to California. There was some blown out scenery there and only very hearty plants remained. What a difference from the luxuriant greenery we'd grown accustomed too!

It felt like most of our day was spent weaving in and out of the Modoc National Forest. And that's the truth!

An extremely common sight--Chris rummaging through the food bag.

We stopped in Adin once we were mostly out of the Modoc Forrest and got a milkshake (yeah!) and fries. As we descended into Susanville, I saw so many happy cows out grazing. Beautiful sleek black Angus cows, chomping incessantly on grass. We also saw starkly dried lake beds as we passed through the wide valley. Quite distinctly beautiful.

That night, we made it to Reno and I only lost $3 at the craps table.

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