Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rainbow Collection: Blue Beignet Skirt

Whee! I finally finished Rainbow Collection: Blue! (It also counts as my "August" item of clothing) We'll say that it is finished, though it is missing belt loops. I really wanted to be able to wear it for my Wednesday meetings on the 24th (after failing to meet my "wear the skirt to my meetings on the 15th. No? How about the 17th. No? How about the 23rd. No?" goals), so I set those scraps aside and called it a cake. Maybe I'll stitch them on later today if I'm not at the river.
Lunch break! Very bright! (Chris was right) 
This fabric was purchased as remnant fabric from Britex last November. Even back then I was planning to use it for this skirt pattern or something similar. There was less than a yard of the linen, so there weren't too many other options. Finally, I would have a high-waisted skirt that was meant to be high-waisted instead of a skirt that crept up until you were forced to call it high-wasted. I've got too many of those...

No real comments on the Colette Beignet. It worked out pretty well, even installing the lining (which was snaky and sneaky and slipping all over the place). The skirt seems to have some stubborn stiffness along the button placket, but that is probably because I used too-stiff of an interfacing. The coolest part about the skirt is the button selection. Check it out!
I ordered these from LiDDesigns after becoming thoroughly disappointed with the selection of U.S. shippable buttons. The products from Thailand and Korea were interesting, but how long does it take for something to ship from those parts of Asia? I have enough delays without factoring long shipping times in! Anyhow, the buttons are perfect for the skirt and make sewing a worthwhile endeavor. Has anyone else had a hell of a time finding notions that complement your awesome creations?
This statue is right by my work in an art-walk corridor. Judging by the girth of her hips, I bet this statue has to make her own clothes, too.
The skirt will be great in the winter because it is surprisingly warm (unwelcome August discovery). Next on the list, I'm going to work on a "purple" challenge. I just dug out all of my purple fabric and found that a) I don't have much yardage of purple fabric, in spite of it being "my" color, and b) most of the fabric I do have is leftover satin from wedding projects. Someone should shoot me. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Project delay and other news

Work has been exhaustingly busy and I haven't had much time for recreational activities, so I've been working on "Project Rainbow Collection: Blue" off and on since the start of August.  I finally got to a good point on the project (only buttonholes and buttons remain!), when I became 95% sure that I made it a size too small. So, let's delay that drama, shall we? Here are some other cool things that have been going on.
 My street got bike lanes last Thursday! The City just came out and striped over the course of two days, no re-design necessary because our street was rather wide from the get-go.
 You can still see the shiny reflector stuff all over the street. If anyone is heading to Burning Man, you should come roll on our bike lanes first!
Uncle Mark (Chris's side) brought us some dates back from UAE. They are much sweeter and stickier than the Medjool dates we're used to over here. They are wonderful!
 Forty-five silver bullets lurk in the shadow of our fridge. "Aw," you may say, "that's not that many!"...
 ...except that there are twenty more in the fridge. Thank you, rafting!
 I got these bundles of fabric at the Verge Arts Center Jumble Sale two weeks back for about $3. I washed five of the bundles yesterday all is well. The red and white bundle has some print errors on it (smudgey and confused like a sugar-hyped kindergartener finger-painting), but the others have decent yardage and are in good shape!
And let us mourn the loss of Buttons. Buttons died a violent truck-door death yesterday at 7PM. Buttons, you were a good iTouch and I really enjoyed my time with you. I'm so glad that I won you in that workplace raffle and that we had fun together. I'll miss you.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rainbow Collection: Orange Paisley Sorbetto Tank

This project is the summer top I was deliberating over after I completed Rainbow Collection: Yellow Playsuit. The fabric is a light and airy partial synthetic that I picked up at a garage sale--judging by the pleats and wide hem this remnant came with, I would say that it had a previous life as someone's curtains. I'm a sucker for reusing and paisley (and curtains!), so the whole scene was perfect! Which is why this top kills me...
You can't tell, but this log I'm balancing on is elevated off the ground Dirty Dancing style. Except for it isn't over any water.
They say the measurements don't lie. Or do they? I think my measurements lie much more convincingly than I'm ever able to. They don't start smiling and giggling, nor does their voice raise several octaves. My measurements say size 12 on sewing patterns, yet this top was cut to be a size 10 and still appears to be blousy-weird. It isn't so bad that I have to give the top away to someone, but it is just enough to irritate me slightly. My sizing expectations are based on Mena's experience with this pattern, and her stuff always seems to fit perfectly. Dag.
The basic form of the Sorbetto top.
I had entertained the idea of beading this top...some small gold beads to outline random paisley squiggles, but I opted against it. I decided that beading--though crazy fun like Nic Cage--would have weighed it down and possibly looked out of place on such a beach-sunset tank. I still have future plans for this pattern and lace, though...
Branches in my hair! Hair in my branches!
The next time I make the Sorbetto, I'll size it down a notch then maybe add some sleeves? Little tulip sleeves? I won't be happy until I have a top that get's caught on my load-bearing shoulders! Oh, and these pictures were taken (at dusk, because I procrastinate) in Pinecrest last weekend. Why am I not still there? I should be swimming!

Up next, I think it is finally time to make a skirt. I tell ya, I've been looking like a dog-catcher at work, time to add some work-appropriate items to the closet!