Friday, October 22, 2010

The Injustice of It All

Because of the extra night-time hours I've been logging the past few weeks, school was still in session as I ambled home past a nearby elementary school this afternoon. I couldn't help but notice a large cluster of 2nd and 3rd grade boys gathered at the base of a gnarled, mature sycamore. They covered a wide area on the southwest side of the tree, looking up and chattering. The group wielded two weapons: a football and black and red multi-purpose ball, the type claimed for basketball in the absence of a Spalding. These weapons were hurled and kicked at the southwest branches with all of the might of each eight-year-old boy given a chance, which is considerable if you take their size into account. On the eastern side of the woody mammoth, one impetuous boy continually tried to display his undeveloped climbing skills, likely thinking that if he could simply reach that first branch twenty feet of the ground, he could solve this problem.
In spite of their unwavering attempts to free whichever piece of sports equipment was sacrificed earlier, they next lost the football to the substantial branches. The bell rang a minute or two later, signifying their cruel defeat; California Sycamore 2, 2nd Grade Boys 0.
Washington Elementary School could use your extra footballs, or maybe just a large ladder would suffice.

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