Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Late March Progress, Fundraiser Preview!

Slipping in just under the wire, I was able to be "somewhat productive" for the month of March. I finally made the curtains for our bedroom!
I also made the pillowcases Cate had requested, though I didn't take any pictures. They even had a decorative ruffle, but you'll just have to imagine it.
Now I'm onto fundraiser items. First on the list are five pairs of bloomers in a pretty cornflower blue with small yellow flowers. (sizes XS-XL, one of each)
Michelle talked me into this fabric at a yardsale--I think it is bloomeriffic!
Though all of the fabric is cut, I'm yet to stitch them all together, thread elastic and ribbon, and embroider. (I'm hoping Michelle remembers that she said she would embroider them. Hrm...)
Five pairs of bloomers cut-out-yet-not-sewn; not particularly impressive looking.
So, also on the cutting mat are plans for potholders and a cafe apron. Any ideas for anything more guy-ish that I can sew before next Monday? April 18th, One-on-One will be awesome! (8-10pm)


  1. How about some silly work ties for guys? or bow ties?

  2. Hrm, that would be neat. Heather previously sent me this link about ties http://www.samhober.com/necktie/howtomakeanecktie.htm but I have not yet tried it out. Do I even have silk?

  3. i vote bow ties to match the bloomers....or maybe a pair of boxers? and that way there is a his and hers?