Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2011 in Review!

It's leap day and I don't have someone to propose to, so I have to do other impressive things like beat my mile goal time (holla! yes!) and finally post my year-in-review. 

January !
2nd: Bethie’s tweed dress
12th: Scott’s Spice Pack
20th: Bryce’s fireplace
January was a “clean-up” kind of month. I had a lot of Christmas gifts to finish and deliver. I was really stoked about Bethie's dress, but I made the huge mistake of choosing brown tweed for the fabric. I am fairly certain she has never worn it because it is brown (and a little big, but who's checking?).

February !
6th: Chris’s bed pocket
22nd: Jenn’s skirt   
We went to Mexico in February, and that seems more impressive than finishing up a skirt (hemming it, really) and making a bed pocket.

March !
23rd Turquoise playsuit
26th: bedroom curtains & ties
27th: curtain ties (for the front room's curtains)
27th: Cate’s pillowcases
Ah, the first playsuit! Made a size too big in some cheap yardsale fabric. Oh, how I love it! And my best curtains to date. So pretty and remarkably even in the hem!

April !
6th: Michelle’s camel skirt
17th: 5 pairs of bloomers for the KDVS Fundraiser!

May !
But even if I didn't sew, it seems that I did wash a dog that month.

June !
12th: Michelle’s light blue net dress
16th: black w/ red & tan flower dress
30th: coral window pane romper
Wedding dresses and other lifetime goals! I'm still mega proud of the dresses I made for Michelle and myself for Clara's wedding, and I can't wait until the return of romper weather. It should be a good time for all. 

July !
12th: Michelle’s yellow playsuit
15th: two headbands (one of which matches Michelle’s playsuit)
24th: Orange/tan paisley Sorbetto top
 A Colette Patterns-heavy month, if I do say so myself.

August !
23rd: teal skirt w/ black/white/red buttons
31st: bed pocket for me
My teal skirt...why must you rumple so? I also need to do some serious fixin' on the lining, which I've shredded with my power stepping.

September !
2nd: Jenn’s Art Tote bag
3rd: Merril’s bloomers
22nd: Thrift storedress modification
30th: Blue BurdaStyle sleeveless top (never saw the light of day)
You guys haven't seen this shirt, but it is all around bad news. Susan is so embarrassed to be seen in it! I'm starting to think the buttons are cursed (they were used on my doomed Sencha blouse, too) since everything they touch turns to awful. Hrm.

October !
11th: Atmosphere bag (decoration)
21st: Jenn’s houndtooth wiggle dress
 Jenn didn't give me a picture of her in her houndstooth wiggle dress. I'll remember that. My atmosphere bag is pretty fun, though!

November !
12th: Stella’s skirt
12th: Cate’s sleep top (adorableness, why don't I have a picture?)

December !
1st: Michelle’s laptop bag
1st: Cate’s bloomers
11th: Bryce’s eye mask and bloomers
16th: Cate’s sleep top (I had to go back and finish the hems, then it was really done)
21st: CJ’s bed pocket (which he keeps at the ranch)
24th: 12 lavender sachets
24th: Bethie’s white eyelet top
24th: Claire’s summer fun dress
24th: My red/tan lace dress
Busy month, don't you think?

That is my 2011 in review. December was easily my most productive month and May the least productive (I was distractedly working on Michelle's blue dress for Clara's wedding the WHOLE MONTH), and there were lots of bedpockets and bloomers. Colette Patterns dominated the show with thirteen items (though eight of those were bloomers), and my own love of cutting out shapes for home decor purposes made a good showing too. (hello bed pockets and curtains!) At the end of the year there were over 40 notable things I had sewn. Wow! Good job me!

Now that we're entering March, any ideas on sewing goals for 2012? It's not too late!


  1. Awesome review! That was a hell of a year! Goals for 2012: Days of the Week dresses for Michelle. She NEEDS them!

  2. I have an idea!!!!! my birthday is in April!!!! :) surprises are fun :)