Monday, April 16, 2012

KDVS fundraiser crafts teaser

Hey there! KDVS fundraiser bloomers are in fact in the queue for "things to make before Monday the 23rd". I bought the fabric yesterday at Joann's, washed it last night, and cut all the pieces tonight. Lessons learned? 4 yards is exactly enough fabric to cut the pieces for five bloomers, one in each size XS-XL. It was unnervingly close and could have very easily been not enough, but we made it! Anyhow, I wanted to give a preview of the fabric that will turn into bloomers within the next week.
Isn't that great? I'm beyond enthused about how cute these will look when they're done.
Cute, no? So, the blue ribbon will be for the leg draws and I'm thinking of a similar blue for stitching the KDVS (usually on the left hip) with a little anchor beside it to play into the fundraiser theme "Your Beacon in a Sea of Sound". Yeah, I probably should put an actual beacon but I think a broader nautical thing is far more appealing.
One of last year's bloomers. I just found out that there is one pair left over (someone didn't pay their pledge?) that will be offered up this year again.
The game plan is to also make some bike straps (which I haven't done in YEARS!) and a record bag or two. Get stoked! Also, get healthy. I'm sick right now and it is terrible.


  1. I still think that red and blue would have been cute! And you know which pattern I wanted! I might go back and buy the fabric and request for some Bloomers! Of Course I would do the pledge to KDVS to qualify. -J

  2. hope you feel better soon! As always, nice choice of fabric lady! Let me know if you need chicken soup or something. :(