Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Party Recap!

Ah, Valentine's Day Birthday! Michelle has been raising ten kinds of a ruckus, demanding that I put a picture of the cake on the internet, so here it is. Mmm, cake.
It was your basic yellow cake with four berry jam in the center and vibrantly colored frosting. It is powerful cake, there is still a small bit in the kitchen. But not for long!
Here is Claire in front of the craft carnage. She opted to wear the apron (last remaining evidence of the mac 'n cheese we tore through earlier) for most of the night, in spite of wearing our theme colors with her chosen outfit.
Here are three of our mailboxes, hanging out together on the table. You can't tell, but they are heavy with valentine loot. You probably can tell that glitter still rules supreme in our house; I get concerned when I think about how much Timber has consumed in the past few days.
A sampling of the valentines. Most excellent!

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