Friday, February 26, 2010

Timber, meet snow!

You've met Timber, right? The most perfect dog in the world?
Well, this is Timber. I've always fancied him to be a snow dog, pulling a sled across the tundra (most likely chasing some form of snow cat), but to my knowledge, puppers has never seen, much less ran across, the snow.
Last weekend Chris and I traveled to South Lake Tahoe and Timber finally realized his true calling.
Meet Timber, SNOW DOG!
Upon first contact of his paws to the powdery snow, Timbertoes rejoiced as all happy dogs smile: open mouthed.
The powder was a touch difficult for us to manage, since Timber would sink up to his torso with each step. *We broke into a golf course for this picture, by way a broken fence someone had crashed through days before.
Timber's walking-through-snow face is even more amusing than his I-don't-do-reverse face.
Don't we look like we belong?
I need to take Timber back up to the snow this year or the next. He has never been so happy! Unless there was pork involved.

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