Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Long-Awaited Relief, Curtains!

I'm at home after a day of rain, listening to the new Gigi lp (thanks Chris!), glass of wine in hand. This is how a night should be.
Latest sewing update. I finished my version of 2588 from the earlier post on Michelle's version, but I still haven't taken any pictures. What I have taken pictures of are the curtains I made in the front room! Below you will see the room before.

You might notice how freakin' dark it is in the middle of the day, therefore I was not concerned about blocking sunlight--there is no light to block.
 As you may know, I have wanted to make curtains for a long time but balked at spending ~$7/yard for a kicky fabric when you need approximately eight yards/room. I also have a tendency to buy fabric I lovelovelove, spend a solid four-six months working up the courage to use it, and afterward I have some really oddly shaped fabric remnants that I cling to because I still lovelovelove the fabric. Periodically I take those remnants out and try to figure out if I could destash my collection and sew them together in a way that wouldn't look like "Quilts Gone Wild" footage, but I never came up with something I thought I could work with until now.
Granted, this isn't the best idea for a scrap buster, but it is pretty spot on for those awkward long strips I have in abundance.

This room was a bit of a trial run--the other room's will have mix and match curtains that are the same color but with different pattern accents. They will all have wonky seams.

Also, I don't know why the curtains are rumply. I even starched those beasts. What is their problem?
YES! Now we can run around naked!

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