Saturday, March 27, 2010

A-Team Dessert, 3-23-10

Chrisface and I were in charge this past week, and the perhaps-fortuitous discovery of rice paper wrappers at the Co-op yielded our big idea.
Ong Bak Rolls
Coconut Jasmine Rice
Banana (sliced)
Toasted Coconut
Toasted Almonds
Caramel Sauce
Sadly, we completely forgot one ingredient I had been super looking forward to including, candied ginger. I really think it would have made the dish pop. As it was, things were a touch doughy as we under-fried the rolls. Also, this was my first foray into making caramel, yikes! Still, reviews were generally positive and I think the final ruling was "Success!", though not to the same degree as our last dessert. And now we have candied ginger, what are we supposed to do with that?

1 comment:

  1. Use the candied ginger in a crust for a pie or cobbler. That's what I did, and people gave it a resounding thumbs-up.