Sunday, March 28, 2010

That dress I keep talking about

Well, I finally finished it! I actually finished it a month ago or so, then I made the other necessary alterations three weeks ago, and I even wore it to work two weeks back. Prepare yourself for multiple views of said dress!
This was Simplicity 2588, more or less the exact same version as the one I made for Michelle in blue, but this one has tabs on the front. See the button? It keeps the tab in place.
You have to do the sit test before the dress. Well, I can sit in the dress, so we're all in luck.
This photo serves two purposes: it shows you the wacky pucker in the back that resulted from my attempt to eliminate the weirdly large gap (I'm not wearing a bulky bra, that is all the result of sewing without foresight); and Chris, see? You can totally see that piece of lint on the dress. It's right there above the unsightly zipper bulge.
Even with the zipper mishaps (zip-haps?), I'm pretty happy with this dress. I'm still excitable about how the plaid pattern has purple accents, and I like the tabs bunches, and it is the most professional-looking thing I've made. I feel it is kind of understated, doesn't scream "I made this!! See? Look at the crazy things I did!" and that (on occasion) is a good thing. Thanks to Chris for photographing me. :)
Now, if you don't mind, old woman has to go to bed. The tweed ride is tomorrow and I just made some really shoddy repairs to a dress-type-thing I found at the thrift store. We're all dying to know if the seams will hold through the whole ride! Perhaps I will post on it?

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