Monday, March 22, 2010

Curtains, middle room!

Another room, another project.  I chose the middle room for the next batch of curtains, since we spend a lot of time in there. The computer and the dining table are in there, it is Timber's day room, and it is the first room you enter once you ascend the stairs. I think it is our most complete room, which is probably why I've taken to sewing in there instead of the front room. That means it is most deserving of some curtains, right?
Here is the before shot.
Once I installed the hardware and pressed them (heavier starch this time), the curtains were up in no time. Side note, I really wish we had a power drill. I have way more use for one than you would think if you just ran into me on the street.
I guess they have a bit of a country Americana feel to them, being as they are red, white, and blue. Also, this diamond patterned fabric I used for the accent fabric was far too homey for me to use on any clothing project. I actually have no clue as to why I purchased it (three yards, no less), it does not suit my style. But it does suit the curtains...and I had it long before I started this project so it totally counts as a de-stash.
I'm also quite proud of my little curtain draws, aren't they nice? I think so. Besides, if they aren't tied the Sacramento wind tries to tear them out the window. Delta breeze, you really exist!
That all said and shown, I'm staying the hex away from curtains now. It was pretty comforting to have something I could pick up any time of the day or night and start sewing, just as it was comforting to be able to stop at any time without worrying about losing my place in a modification or pattern. But it was also boring. And I want to wear something new, or at least new-to-me. I also have an extensive sewing to-do list as far as fixing clothes goes, and other things that have been on my weekly lists since December or earlier. Like fixing Michelle's tranny top, I need to get that done.

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