Friday, December 24, 2010

This is Just for Sizing!

I can’t stress enough that this dress is just for sizing purposes! This is Bethie’s trial run of her sister gift. The theme I drew for her was 1950s, so I purchased a Vogue 1954 pattern in her size (more or less).
I naturally procrastinated quite a bit...I ended up sewing the following muslin-ish thingin' today. 
Chris said that he's never seen me sew a dress so fast, as this only took me about four hours to cobble together. However, it isn't hemmed at all (why hem the muslin before you have the recipient try it on?) and there are some sketchy parts of it, like the front yoke...don't look too closely at that. 
I look forward to making the legitimate version of this! It should be beyond awesome, all brown tweed and 50s.
Timber says, "merry Christmas!"

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