Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Ultimate Romper...

No, I don't have it. I'm looking for it, or for a pattern for it. Mostly I'm looking for a pattern for it, since last week's foray at H&M reminded me that ready-to-wear pieces that cover my top and bottom are not proportioned correctly (that's right, their fault, not butternut-squash-me) and they are going for the "fancy romper" vibe. No. Sport romper, that's where it's at!
 Image from Vilexa Boutique
Never in velour, never that tight.
My dream romper is something that has shorter shorts, short sleeves (capped?), and probably buttons for the top part, and a collar, I think. It is in a medium weight cotton or some other nice fabric that will wear soft and stand up to my spilling ways, and has some elastic gathering at the waist for definition.
Oh, and it is probably plaid.
Have you seen a pattern like that? I haven't. Keep an eye out, okay?
What does your ultimate romper look like? Details, please!

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  1. hm. i picked up a pattern last year thinking about all the rompers we saw at the shop around the corner from you....might just be your style. :)