Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Peter Pan, the real deal

The muslin worked out pretty well! Once Abbie woke up I wrested her into her new art smock/asylum gear. She was into it.

Fit of the muslin

First studio assignment: Montage!
You can see there is a lot of extra room in the torso. Like, room enough for another baby. I ended up slimming down the body of the tunic so it didn't swallow her, and was also less likely to trip her up when she was crawling about.

The collar was splayed out a bit more than I wanted, though. In the final version, I made the slit less-deep than I did in the muslin (and then had to deepen it not once, nor twice, but THREE times for that big-headed blonde I call my daughter. Three times! Her head is so huge.)The demo muslin also allowed a bit of testing with the length. This version had a lot cut off of it, and I was able to knock off ~3 inches from the length on the final version.

Not bad!

Fabric Choice

I have a mish-mash of green fabrics that were all close-but-not-quite for Peter I went off in a different direction! Leftover fabric from Jennifer's Easter Dress plus an overlay of green organza from wedding crafts (still!).

As a reminder, this is our end goal. I had nothing that looked like this for fabric.



The Peter Pan hat is actually more-or-less the Robin Hood hat. This mix-up happened frequently! I used this Tikkido tutorial to guide my progress on the hat, though it was really back-of-the-envelope for drafting. It was made from the same fabric as the tunic, not felt, which was cute for the costume but slightly more difficult to get the shape right. Anyhow, I was really proud of the feather, which was some red skirt fabric cut to a feather shape, frayed to mimic the appearance of barbules, Fray-Checked, and starched to stiffness. The starching part didn't play out exactly as well as I hoped and the feather flopped like an amateur handshake when I was hoping for more of a veteran welder's handshake. You know, it isn't the worst/floppiest, but it could have been firmer.


Something needs to cinch that tunic! I had hoped to affix a cardboard dagger to the outfit but ran out of time. Eh. Baby's shouldn't have knives anyways. There is not too much else that can be said about stitching a rectangle of fabric together to make a belt (leftover from this dress). Notably, it is made from the same fabric as the...


Pretty proud of the moccasins because these were completely a shot in the dark. Really. I looked at some pics, sketched them out based on how long Abbie's foot is, cut and stitched, and they worked. Total Hail Mary.

but how did it look?

So cute! It looked SO cute.

Yep, poor little thing already has trouble keeping her can covered.
More action! Plus a good shot of the feather.
Best. Peter Pan. Ever.
I kind of set the bar pretty high. I don't know if I'll ever be able to make another Halloween costume this cute, much less draft one from scratch. Heck, my costume this year suffered even because all of my creative energy was zapped to cute-up that baby. 
Dude. I am quite obviously a Roomba. Sheesh.
But what was probably the most fun part was using all those scraps. I love scrap busters. 

Since Halloween, I've been poking along tortoise-style on a Colette Violet in an incredibly loud plaid I've hoarded for years. All that is left is to finish the sleeves and bottom hem and pull the trigger on snaps or buttons and then I've got a shirt! And yet here I am, not hemming. *shakes head* Wish me luck.

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