Monday, September 7, 2009

Fire+Synthetics=Somewhat Hazardous

So, I got my craft on last night with the first forray into organza flowery business. Preet came over and helped a bit (thanks Preet!) and there were minimal injuries from this craft project. This picture should tell you why there were any injuries at all.
Yep, there is fire involved. And synthetic materials. Synthetic materials that sometime catch more flame than I, or anyone for that matter, am comfortable holding in my mitt. Consequently, I have missing skin on my forehead and burns on my hands and fingers from fiery organza that got a little out of control as I tried to extinguish it by shaking it, sending melted purple schrapnel all over the living room and myself. But I think they're pretty!

I'll post more pictures when I have more of them complete. Right now taking a picture of five organza flowers seems...silly? I'm going to make a bed of them before this is done!
*This idea was originally sent to me by Becca, though I'm not really following the Reese Dixon directions to the letter--or at all, other than I'm using organza, beads, and an open flame. Perhaps the next set of flowers will be'll be something totally different!

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