Friday, September 4, 2009

to change or not to change?

So, I've got this horrible dilemma that would have been entirely irrelevant 50 years ago or less. Today Chris and I go to the county clerk's office and obtain our marriage license, which is all fine and dandy. I'm ecstatic to get this bit of paperwork out of the way. But! I'm completely up in the air about whether I should take his name or not. My degree is under my maiden name (only a B.A., but still!), all my work contacts know me by my current name, and I don't think my potential new name looks as good signed, nor is it fun to sign. A hyphenated last name would result in 18 1/2 characters (I count the hyphen as a half) which is more than I care to carry.
It would be a very difficult habit to break, signing my old name. And I'd have to get new checks. And deal with the wretched women in HR to get all of my information updated. *shudder*
Any thoughts?


  1. really though, I had to come check out the blog and i like the pocka dots. :) Really? with the last name dilema though it would be so fun to say your name with his.......rhymes you know ;P

  2. yep. totally aware that it rhymes. :)