Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bake Sale!

Ugh, after five hours of straight bakin' (seriously, no breaks in that business!) I'm ready to check out. For tomorrow's fundraiser bake sale for the Esch*, I'll be taking Orange Chocolate Pinwheels, sugar cookies (which may or may not be frosted, depending on how sparky I'm feeling tomorrow morning), and chocolate chip walnut cookies. 
Sheep and moon sugar cookies cooling, a plate of reject cookies that will stay safe in my home. Sugar cookies don't look like much when they're not frosted, do they?
If you want some of these delectable treats, kick on over to See Jane Run (3910 24th Street at Sanchez) in San Francisco today/Saturday for snackems. This will be happening rain or rain, since it is going to rain. Chris and I will be there from noon to two (or so) with our baked wonder. 
Time for bed!

*Eschy (Bryce) is taking part in the Wildflower Triathalon and is doing all she can to raise money to fight AIDS. See her fundraiser site!

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