Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mexico Pictures--Our Digs

The resort-type place we stayed at (thank you, Tom and Anna Maria) was super beautiful and really close to the beach, and with a gargantuan pool that spanned two or three city blocks and sat on three different levels. Some of the days, we just kicked around the resort either hanging at the pool or snorkeling. Or sleeping. We napped and ate a lot! This is the last batch of photos for your perusal, so I hope you enjoy them!
Two words: Pool Bar!
The whole place looked like a highly cultivated jungle, it was really pretty to walk around.
Our little segment of beach was great to walk on, but not so hot for swimming. As you can see, there is a pumice-like quality to the area.
By the pool, well manicured.
The wake generated by our snorkeling boat on our way to the reefs. Yes, I was singing "Rio" (there are pictures of that as well).
Sunrise on our little section of beach.
ahhh, so wonderful. 
These are baby versions of fish we saw a lot of when we went snorkeling. These were in a tide-pool-like situation the morning we were watching the sunrise.
A nice jogger took this for us. We had a great time!

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