Monday, May 17, 2010

Canada/USPS:0 Me: a powerful score of 1!

Awesome! Incredibly stoked right now!
You see, last week I purchased some Echino fabric on etsy from a Canadian seller since no other shops were carrying the lion design I fancy. I found the fabric, fell in love, asked for a special listing, then was saddened to learn the seller was Canadian because that meant I had a two-three week delay in shopping gratification because shipping from Canada takes FOREVER! Seriously, I'm not exaggerating, it takes two-three weeks. So when Timber, Olive, and I encountered a package this afternoon, I assumed it was Chris's dorky Latin book which he ordered from Amazon. But no, what is this?!
My fabric came in! Way earlier than expected! Yes!
The double-weight gauze lion is supposed to be used for a shoulder bag...for me. Yes, I will finally make myself a bag. I've been thinking about it for far too long. I will need to put considerable forethought into this to make sure the lion is prominently displayed. I will also need to reinforce the bejeezus out of it, this fabric is like putting your face into a pile of puppies (you should really try that). I might have to select a different purpose for it, so soft. Hrm. 
And this is supposed to become a bag for Cate's birthday. I need to pre-treat the fabric and start running on this one. This is a nice home-dec weight fabric, quite sturdy.
The fabric's hasty arrival also means that I won't have to buy other fabric from Sew Mama Sew (15% off sale right now) for Cate's satchel. To the laundromat tomorrow!

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