Friday, May 21, 2010


Yes, I'm aware that "Folsom" is not typically followed with "!" unless it was proceeded by "Get me out of--", but this is still exciting for me. I'm going to bike to Folsom today after my COG time to meet up with Chris and then...come directly back home. This is monumental because I've never biked this far before (~25 miles) and, well, I've never biked that far.
Things I'm going to take on this trek

  1. patch kit, complete with wrench and small bike pump
  2. helmet
  3. camera
  4. water!
  5. snack-ums (sugar snap peas and an orange?)
  6. cell phone
  7. bike map (I hope to find one at the COG this morning)
Did I forget something? Tell me before I leave around 2 this afternoon!


  1. yikes! did you make it?! i picked up a pattern for you for a button up jumper....not my style, but had to get it because,well, it's a one piece shorts outfit!

  2. SHUT UP! Do you mean to say that you picked up something that might be described as a "Romper"?
    and yes, I did make it to Folsom, I mean to update yee old blog on that trip shortly. :)