Friday, May 7, 2010

Last day at Vet Med!

Well, this is exciting! Today is my last day at the VMTH, after three and a half years of working here. Timber and I are here for the last time, at least in the capacity of employee with (former) blood donor dog, and we are leaving some parting gifts.
(one candy box is bigger because it coincides with a birthday)
Yes, dishtowels from Thelma! I got these back in November and I told myself (and anyone who would listen), "I'm going to give these to the girls when I quit Vet Med." Six months later, I'm finally going through with it.
Adios, Vet Med!


  1. Vic, I loved my turtle & the chocolates were the bomb! We miss you tons! Thanks for the gift.

  2. Vick - these are the best, best, best, best gifts - I still have mine pampered compared to all my other ones - it is the most special and only comes out to play on the most special occasions - something happened to the chocolate though - can't find it anywhere :( - - oh, I guess because I eat it all up -
    you need your own TV show girl -